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From: Lynne & Kent H
We LOVE it! We bought 3 at the Quartsite RV Show, thinking we would keep one and give one to each of our boys - but after using it the night of our purchase we are keeping 2 and our boys can share the other! :) ... and - we are planning on ordering more to give as gifts! It is a MUST HAVE that will soon be a part of many types of outdoor events!
From: Jeff E
Ok so who needs an extra table righty? WRONG! This is so much more useful than just a table, don’t let the name fool ya! This is able to be used on the tow vehicle, the trailer, the spare tire. We have used ours out on the trail for meal prep, for getting gear off the ground packing up at a wet campsite or even just the extra space when gathering up gear to pack away. It has come in handy for working on the rigs and just relaxing. The ability to have a table virtually ANYWHERE there’s a tire is the biggest benefit! Thank you for an AWESOME product!
From: Mike R
I just purchased one of these at the Overland Expo East show and recently used it for the first time. I just LOVE it. Ward and I chatted about how to get this attached to a tree. That's my next usage. Works great on the tire however might need to find some shade somewhere. It's allowed me to discard the table I was using that consumed valuable space. I store mine on the spare tire on my Jeep Wranger.
From: Scott Shaw
Great table for quick set ups for after cycling, paddling, and adventure racing. Looking forward to using it camping and offroading, but I just saw the brilliant idea of using while working on a car, the team may not get it back; possession is 9/10's of the law, finders keepers, or something like that.

From: Jordan C
My Tailgater Tire Table goes with me on all trips. It's super easy to setup, takes up barely any space in the rig and the best part, it's always flat! Worth every cent!
They did a very good job on this one! 👍🏽

From: Donny M
Love it! We took our Tailgater Tire Table with us on a multi-family camping trip. There weren't enough seats at the picnic tables but our car was close. I set up the table and it worked perfectly. I'm going to keep it in my hatch area all the time. I can see needing it a lot, not just camping. Great product!
From: Christopher M
The table is a must have whenever we are camping or taking the bikes out. Small enough to where it doesn't take up much room when packing but big enough when in use to hold Bluetooth speakers, drinks, coolers and whatever else you can think of! Planning picking up another for my dads motorhome. Love the product!
From: Dean H
The table idea is genius. I love using it on bike and camping trips.
From: D Poncet
From the first time I saw the proto type on Wards van while skiing with him I knew it was the coolest thing I ever saw for tailgating its small its strong and it folds up and stores easily " Brilliant" anyone who see the thing says they have to get one
From: cimarron chacon
Patti and Ward, this is yet another great product you have developed. It is compact and easy to set up. We have even figure out how to fasten it to logs and picnic benches when a car tire is not available. It is a must have for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities.
From: Mike O
This is a must have item. After a couple of multi-day, long distance camping excursions with our 5th wheel trailer, I will not do a trip without the Tailgater Tire Table! It has proven its worth on every trip in a variety of situations. We love it!
From: David Heim
Hey Ward and Patti!!! Great Product!!
I have used mine several times after biking and its perfect. its small enough to fold up in the back of the car but big enough to hold just the right amount of goodies!!!!! 
Its a must have for the outdoor enthusiasts!!!!!!

From: Joed B
I absolutely love my tailgater tire table. Is perfect for just about every thing.
From: Jeff L
Stores easily behind the toolbox in my truck; I looped a cable through it so it wouldn't disappear. We use the table rather than the tailgate as I can keep my load on the trailer ball and still have a place to set down my "stuff". Great for us as we camp off grid and don't worry about putting hot pan, coffee pot, etc. on the table. Best of luck to the inventor.
From: Joel L
Flat surfaces are at a premium when traveling the back roads of the Northwest. The Tailgater Tire Table is the handiest piece of kit you can add to your adventure rig for all sorts of uses. Food prep, fly tying, gear prep, anytime you need a flat surface to work or play the Tailgater Tire Table shines. Even just chilling in camp with a good book and a cold drink. Simple, durable and handy.
From: Daniel Hawkins
Great product high quality and easy to setup, for sure a must on any overland or camping setup.
From: Sean F
Quick and easy setup with minimal storage space required. This is great for camping.
From: Eric Green
Easy setup, and sturdy design. Holds weight well, while being compact in the car. Works on both our car and truck. 
Had it only a week and happy that we got it, as our old tables would sometimes not be level, and or trip if not on an even surface. This eliminates that by attaching to the tire.

From: Terra W
Great addition to our tailgating gear
From: John Muller
Quick and easy to install and takes up very little room in the back of my SUV.