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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Camping Tables Durable And Portable?

Absolutely! Our camping tables are meticulously designed to be both sturdy and lightweight, ensuring easy portability without compromising on durability.

What Sizes Do The Camp Tables Come In?

Standard is 23” wide x 29” long and Large is 28” wide x 33.5” long

Will The Camp Table Be Level On The Tire?

  • Yes, no matter what the ground conditions are, your tire table will be level and stable.

Do You Need The Retractable Leg?

No, the retractable leg is for extra support. The tire is used as the table's main support

How Do You Use The Retractable Leg?

It can be used straight up and down, angled towards the rim of the tire or angled towards the base of the rubber on tire. Angling the leg helps to keep it out of the way from kicking and gives more leg room under the table.

Where Can You Store The Table In The Vehicle?

The table stores flat with all parts attached. It can easily be stored inside your vehicle laying flat or sideways. It can also be stored on a roof rack, inside a roof top tent or on a rear spare if you have one.