Story About Us

Being an outdoor enthusiast, the idea to design Tailgater Tire Table happened while I was tailgating in the parking lot of a local ski resort. The small table that I had set up was unstable on the snow and on uneven ground. That’s when the idea hit, “what if the table was not supported on the ground at all, but supported by the tire”. I went home and cut up an old metal baseball pitch and catch to use its pipes for the steel frame, which already had the bends I needed, then added a plywood top and took it to the ski area again to use at lunch. It immediately got unsolicited attention from people walking by. Now, several prototypes later, we have the finished product.

We are a family run business from top to bottom. We plan to continue our business philosophy of treating people the way we would like to be treated. We stand behind our products and pride ourselves in listening to and taking customer feedback into account so that we are able to supply a product that best meets their needs.

If you travel, camp, tailgate or work out of your vehicle you’re going to love it.