The Original Tailgater Tire Table in the Press

"RVers can turn any of the tires on their trailer or tow vehicle into an impromptu place to serve meals."

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Meals on Wheels
"... more importantly, where do you store the brews and grill up the burgers? Enter the TailGater Tire Table."
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"... so simple and useful (and has not been done before) that it can be declared Genius."

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"With millions of Jeep accessories on the market, it’s rare to come across something new, unique, and actually useful!"

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The Fit RV

"... sometimes, we see something like this product, and we have to do a double take."

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Las Vegas Sun

"Ward Graham of Northern Nevada holds his Tailgater Tire Table ... "

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"... easy to store and set-up table is a must-have for any roadtripper, overlander or rooftop tent camper."

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"...We tested this table at a weekend long event with 5 handcycles and 8 wheelchairs..."

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"This table attaches to your car wheel, creating a mini table for you to gather around as you sip white wine and snack on grapes and cheese. "

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"The Tailgater Tire Table is an ingenious item that will prove very useful to campers or drivers who take on long routes..."

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